Service Velocity is a key goal for mobile network operators in today’s highly competitive market landscape.

To meet that need, operators are adopting 3GPP standards that enable best-of-breed, multi-vendor solutions for creating and provisioning new, targeted service packages, with flexible charging.

Procera’s PacketLogic solutions support these advantages, integrating tightly into the 3GPP PCC architecture by functioning as a policy enforcement point. Our solutions utilize standardized Gx, Gy, and CDR interfaces to interact with 3GPP PCC components, including the Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF), Online Charging System (OCS) and Offline Charging System (OFCS) to enable innovative services that leverage Procera’s unique visibility of subscriber, application, content, device, location, and quality of experience (QoE).

PacketLogic™ Policy & Charging Control

For mobile operators who have adopted 3GPP policy and charging control standards, Procera helps simplify and accelerate service creation.

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Key Features and Benefits

PacketLogic Policy & Charging Solutions

Policy Enforcement

Innovate with DPI-enabled services to create value for broadband subscribers.

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Differentiated charging to service all levels of subscribers with the right pricing.

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