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Whether you’re focused on traffic management improvements, quality of experience or optimizing ROI and margins, Procera’s solutions are engineered to help your network perform at its best. Explore the content below to discover how we could help transform your network.


Pro•ID Solution Family
Software identifying applications in data traffic, providing vendors with actionable intelligence in real-time.
Example Use Cases
Network Intelligence Probes
Security Products
Access and Aggregation Gateways
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Pro•View Solution Family
Virtualized data enablement engineered to enrich data in Customer Experience Management and big data analytics platforms through structured and enriched intelligence from data traffic.
Example Use Cases
ScoreCard - Reveal your networks' capability to deliver quality
Real-Time Network Troubleshooting
Application Trend Monitoring
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Pro•Act Product Family
Insights reporting and analytics, traffic management and policy enforcement for broadband networks focused on enhancing the subscriber experience.
Example Use Cases
Video Traffic Management
Access Network Congestion management
Application Specific Zero-Rating
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