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Pokemon Go! Subscriber engagement expands despite DDOS attacks

There was a lot of interest in my blog on Pokemon last week, and we kept watching over the weekend to see if the craze would continue. I am sure that most people saw the craziness from Central Park when a rare Pokemon showed up, and I watched my youngest son take walks around our neighborhood to catch Pokemon (and he was not the only person I saw walking...

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Pokemon Go: The latest Internet craze – How is it impacting your network?

Some of you may have heard about Pokemon Go – it is already being proclaimed the most successful mobile application of all time (at least from a launch week perspective). A few of the stats that I have seen are amazing (and there are many, many more):

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Netflix Download Service – What it means for consumers and broadband operators (and how Netflix can help operators)

The rumors of Netflix launching a download service are getting very real. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, mentioned this service in the Q1 2016 earnings call:

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My Oh My – How far WiFi has come….

I am a huge football (soccer to Americans) fan. So imagine my consternation when on Thursday night I was stuck in the Denver airport during the time when the US National Team was going to be playing Ecuador in a very important Copa America tournament game. In past years, I would have either recorded the game and hope that I would not accidentally see...

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Zero Rating for Improved Customer Experience: A Real-Life Customer Example

Zero Rating.

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European Union BEREC Network Neutrality Draft: What does it mean for Operators?

This week, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) issued a draft version of their Network Neutrality regulations for final six-week review and comment period before implementation. These regulations have some markedly different guidance for EU operators than the FCC’s in the US, but still leave operators the ability to...

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[Video Blog] Interview - Trends Recap from TMForum Live! 2016

Procera's Thomas Vasen Recaps 2016 Trends at TMForum Live! : Detecting Encrypted Traffic with Our 3000+ Signatures and the Customer Experience 

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FCC Broadband Labeling Initiative: Exceeding the requirements for your subscribers

Hungry for Broadband?

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Rocket League: The Effect of Latency in Real-Time Gaming

In late 2008, a game called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars came out for the PS3. Essentially, the game was football (that’s “soccer” for Americans) with cars. I loved the game. In July, a sequel called Rocket League was released for the PS4 and the PC.

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2016 and Beyond: A Look ahead….

I recently attended the Light Reading Vision Executive 2020 Summit in Dublin, and the event was a great peek into the thought process of some of the largest network operators in the world. Light Reading and Heavy Reading presented a number of different perspectives on what the future holds for telecom operators, some of which where quite compelling. One...

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