Procera enables mobile service providers to implement personalized, intelligent service charging with market-proven intelligent policy enforcement solutions.

Mobile Intelligent Service Charging

Consumers today rely on mobile data networks for everything from communication and social networking to navigation, shopping, and financial services. With mobile service use expanding rapidly, network operators are moving away from unlimited data plans that are driving CapEx spending without corresponding revenue offsets.

How can operators deploy personalized services that link usage to applications and offer consumers value-based, predictable pricing? To successfully implement intelligent charging, operators need solutions that enable them to:

  • Offer subscribers a wide range of personalized services
  • Transition from simple, usage-based service pricing to value-based pricing
  • Deliver services that increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

The Procera Solution

Procera enables mobile service providers to realize their Intelligent Service Charging strategies with real-time Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions that provide four key use cases:

  • Service charging implementation that leverages investments in standard 3GPP Policy and Charging control systems and provides close coordination between management and enforcement systems. Our IPE solution enforces charging plans in real time, enabling personalized plans based on application categories, individual applications, or even specific content or websites.
  • Service velocity, giving operators the ability to recognize changing usage behaviors and react rapidly—easily creating customized services to address these dynamic trends. This is enabled by the detailed analytics provided by Procera’s Report Studio and PacketLogic Intelligence Center.
  • Tiered charging that allows greater flexibility when creating value-based personalized services. Our IPE solution enable a wide range of subscriber-centric policies—such as linking specific mobile devices to specific applications, setting volume limit measurements based on session-specific usage categories, time of day limitations, application prioritization, and more.
  • Zero-rating, allowing “free” usage of specific applications or websites as part of a base-level data service plan. Zero-rating can be associated with certain data plans or phone types, by day or time of day, or offered for an introductory period to entice subscribers.

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