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Understanding the Experience-of-One

Telecom operators are still commonly rated with the lowest Net Promoter Score (NPS) compared to other industries. Yet it is also reported in many studies that excellence in customer service will be one of the main new differentiators. One area to look at for operators to improve the experience they are giving their customers is customer support. Network operators typically have lots of KPI reports, but rarely focus on the experience of a single subscriber. Yet when a customer calls into support, the care agent would greatly benefit exactly from that. An instant overview is needed that can confirm the problems that the customer is describing, as well as indicators on likely root-causes. There is a need not only to shorten the average call time, but also respond back to the customer with more facts. In best case, multiple problems can be handled with in the same call – as the agent could see what problems have occurred in recent history.



Net1 Case Study

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Customer Care Insights is a fast GUI that focuses on delivering the -  experience of one – overview for a subscriber. After entering a subscriber’s identifier, the tool provides an overview of:

Throughput & Quality
What Throughput did the subscriber get? Was it lower than or similar to what was expected? Was there a recent increase in packet-loss or average latency?

Location & Mobility

Information on where the subscriber is located, what base-station the connections have been too and how he or she has moved over time

Traffic Categories
Instant information on traffic usage in categories – identifying background usage the subscriber may not be aware of.

Overview of how many and what type of devices are connected to the customer’ connection. All these cathegories are focused on data from recent history, as the customer is likely to call about something that happened up to a few days ago. In addition to historical information the solution also integrates directly to the PacketLogic platform providing LiveView visibility of what is happening on the customer’s connection right now. This enables instant troubleshooting from within the web interface.




Impact and Results

Operators that implement customer care tools that are focused on empowering their care-agents with information see great results. Not only is the average call length reduced because information is available so fast, relevant to the subscriber calling in with their issue. Also do we see a positive result in how the subscriber perceives the operator after being responded to with credible answers. This enables an operator to increase their NPS score even-though their networks might not be trouble-free.

Download Case Study from NET1 and learn how Customer Case Insights reduced average call handling time with 35%.

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