Broadband subscribers are demanding a high Quality of Experience (QoE) from their broadband networks. Can yours deliver?

Consumers rely on fixed and mobile broadband networks more than ever. Quality problems on those networks result in dissatisfaction, customer support calls, and subscriber churn. An intelligent network can ensure that high-value applications and real-time traffic meets the subscriber’s quality expectations without requiring unlimited bandwidth. Procera’s PacketLogic software enables broadband network operators to choose the right congestion management or Fair Usage solution to meet the changing needs of their network and of their subscribers. Procera’s unique visibility of subscriber, application, content, device, location, and quality of experience (QoE) enable congestion management solutions that deliver on each subscriber’s QoE expectations

PacketLogic™ Network Quality Assurance

Delivering a High QoE for Subscribers

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PacketLogic Traffic Management Solutions

Fair Usage

Fair Split and Fair Factor solutions ensure that during times of congestion, all subscribers have access to their fair share of bandwidth, and that heavy users do not.

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Congestion Management

Sophisticated Queuing technology to delay CAPEX and maximize the use of existing network resources to increase profitability for broadband operators.

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Use Cases

Procera's PacketLogic Insights products enable a number of high value reporting and analytics use cases that give operators greater visibility into their network and subscriber's trends.

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