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Consumer broadband activity is changing at an alarming pace for broadband operators. As new network technologies are deployed, consumers are continually purchasing new devices utilizing new applications, and content providers are discovering new methods to deliver high value content. Consumers judge their broadband experience by how a broadband network deliver’s their individual high value content, and a network operator that lacks insight into these trends will be at a severe competitive disadvantage.

PacketLogic Insights products enable a network operator to instantly know, respond, and flourish in the rapidly changing Internet landscape. It is made possible by the unique granularity delivered by PacketLogic solutions, which provide visibility into subscriber, application, content, device, location, and quality of experience (QoE) and visualized for specific broadband operator audiences.


Engineering Insights Overview:



Scores by Location:

Engineering Insights

Intelligence and Analytics are the most critical assets for broadband network operators managing CAPEX, OPEX

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PacketLogic Insights Products

Engineering Insights visualizes DPI data collected by PacketLogic systems for engineering teams. Each perspective is targeted towards a specific engineering audience and focuses on different aspects of network activity. Key perspectives include:

Overview: Easy-to-understand overview of the KPIs for the entire network

Traffic Types: Detailed analysis of the applications driving network consumption

Timelines: At-a-glance comparisons of KPIs over recent days, weeks, and months that provide insights into overall network trends

Subscriber: Focuses information on subscriber activity including   usage, tiering, and popular applications all self organized by the number of subscribers in each tier of usage

Route: Revolutionary drill-down visibility into peering links that includes volume, Origin Volume, and Quality of traffic and applications across high value peering links

Content: Content Categorization and URL popularity

Device: Profile the consumption by different device types connected to your network

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ScoreCard enables executives to easily see the performance and quality that their network is capable of delivering, broken down by subscriber, location, service plans and devices. The Operator’s ScoreCard measures the quality and performance of each subscriber’s network connection using the Score Perspective to measure all network traffic. ScoreCard is a unique Perspective that is an add-on to Engineering Insights that visualizes Network QoE to subscribers by measuring throughput, latency, and loss for all traffic.

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Customer Care Insights is a powerful tool for Customer Care personnel to rapidly diagnose and solve customer issues on broadband data networks. Leveraging deployed PacketLogic systems, Customer Care Insights provides a real-time and historical view into a subscriber’s broadband connection that can be used to isolate quality issues, usage overages, and billing disputes.

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Dynamic LiveView is a real-time query and reporting capability embedded in all PacketLogic systems. Customized queries can be created based on what the network engineer or call center needs, and drill-down-capable views are available instantaneously based on specific network locations, application types, sites, or peering connections. This dynamic query capability provides forensics for an engineer to solve quality of experience, network congestion and network security issues in real-time.

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