Perspectives provide different views of the network that focus on specific intelligence metrics – Subscriber, Radio Access Network, Video, and many more. The concept of Perspectives in Analytics and Enforcement delivers a more complete picture of the network and enables the operator to deliver the best subscriber experience possible.

Score Perspectives

Procera’s Score Perspective enables a unique solution, Network Experience Scoring. It simplifies the visualization of network quality metrics, making it easier for Engineering and Executives to make the right investment decisions to improve their subscriber’s experience. Score Perspective measures each subscriber’s throughput, latency, and packet loss at sub-second intervals to gauge the ability of the network to deliver a high quality experience to the subscriber. The scoring reflects the performance during peak usage applied to the expecatations for each application class - Web Surfing, Streaming Video, Social Media, Real-time Gaming, Upload, Download and Voice Applications. The measurements include location, device, and service plan to provide context for each subscriber’s traffic.

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RAN Perspectives

RAN Quality and real-time location awareness for millions of mobile subscribers

RAN Perspectives is a revolutionary service that gives network operators the power to transform their customer’s experience using real-time updates from any customer’s SIM-enabled mobile device. Why deploy costly probes throughout the network, when you can access information directly from the device with RAN Perspectives, regardless of device type, operating system, or RAN access type - 2G/3G/4G.Gain access the key data indicators of customer experience such as: signal strength, error codes, available networks and more using 3GPP signaling information. RAN Perspectives can be configured to meet your specific network needs and goals and its software can be installed and deployed Over-the-Air (OTA).Once in place, all the real-time information is streamed back into Procera’s PacketLogic Intelligence Platform, where the location and quality information is used to ensure the subscriber experience, quickly diagnose problems, and deliver advanced services to the subscriber.

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Content Perspective

Procera’s ContentLogic software enables clearly defined categorization of Internet traffic, enabling sophisticated policy enforcement based on specific content types or even specific URLs.

ContentLogic provides the content intelligence needed to meet regulatory requirements, minimize the risk posed by malware, phishing or abuse—or to create next-generation subscriber services. Using Procera’s Datastream Recognition Definition Language (DRDL TM), ContentLogic identifies Internet traffic according to well-defined categories and user-defined lists to match any requirement. This enables the full range of Procera policy actions to be applied to specific traffic flows in real time. Whether replacing an existing content management solution or deploying a new revenue service, ContentLogic fits the bill.

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Subscriber Perspective

Subscriber Perspective associates the subcriber’s network activity with their location, device, service plan, charging, and network quality

With Subscriber Perspective, service providers can deliver targeted service offerings and enhance the overall subscriber experience.

Subscriber Perspective is key in unlocking the needs of each subscriber group on your network to deliver the service offerings that they are wiling to pay for.

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Create targeted services for hosted subscribers with minimal investment in services infrastructure.
Give subscribers real-time insight into their mobile broadband usage and services
Maintain compliance with advanced auditing, and management capabilities for detecting violations.
With Subscriber Perspective, service providers can deliver targeted service offerings and enhance the overall subscriber experience.

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