Our products are used by network operators and networking vendors worldwide to add new levels of intelligence into their networks. We deliver hardware and software products targeted at enhancing the user experience on broadband networks – whether they are fixed, mobile, Wi-Fi, satellite, or any other access technology that may be used anywhere in the world.


The PacketLogic software is the foundation of Procera’s Internet Intelligence solutions. PacketLogic’s unique capability to both provide Insights as well as to Take Action sets it apart from other solutions designed to enhance a subscriber’s quality of experience. These solutions are modular, designed to enable unique use cases to be deployed to solve specific problems that network operators are having on their networks.


The PacketLogic platforms are the vehicle for delivering an enhanced subscriber experience to broadband subscribers. These systems are empowered by the PacketLogictm software suite and are designed to enable network operators to gain insights and take action on broadband traffic to enhance the subscriber experience.


RAN Perspectives is a revolutionary service that gives network operators the power to transform their customer’s experience using real-time updates from any customer’s SIM-enabled mobile device. Why deploy costly probes throughout the network, when you can access information directly from the device with RAN Perspectives, regardless of device type, operating system, or RAN access type - 2G/3D/4G.


The Internet Intelligence Center enables a network operator to instantly know, respond, and flourish in the rapidly changing Internet landscape. It is made possible by the unique granularity delivered by PacketLogic solutions, which provide visibility into subscriber, application, content, device, location, and Quality of Experience (QoE).