Network Traffic Management and Monitoring

Raising service quality with better traffic control

Are you delivering services as promised and on budget?

Customers seem to have an inexhaustible need for bandwidth. Their data usage grows, and they continue to demand a high quality of experience. Yet operator network budgets are tightening, and network teams need to get more from the networks they already have.

Operators have become highly focused on better managing their subscriber experience. And subscriber experience depends on the quality of the network services and applications delivered.

Network quality problems can result in dissatisfaction, customer support calls, and subscriber churn. An intelligent network can ensure that high-value applications and real-time services meet subscriber quality expectations without requiring unlimited bandwidth.

Procera’s PacketLogic/V software enables broadband network operators to choose the congestion management use cases that best meet the changing needs of their network and subscribers. Our unique and granular visibility of subscribers, applications, contents, devices, locations, and more help operators manage their traffic and resources so that customers are more satisfied and network budgets are kept in check. 

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