Policy and Charging Control

Powering new services and business innovation

Are your service plans unique and engaging?

Your subscribers want fresh and innovative experiences. They want compelling services and content—offered to them in interesting, new ways. Shouldn’t you be able to create and deliver packages that keep customers coming back for more?

Subscribers have become more discriminating of their services, applications, and content. And operators realize they need to improve their abilities to provide services that captivate these more sophisticated audiences. Policy and charging control has emerged as a critical element in delivering the rapid service creation that is now required.

There are dozens of important use cases deployed by operators today. And there are more to come as operators create offerings tailored to the needs of more defined customer groups. Clearly your policy and charging control must be able to deliver service innovation at the speed and scale of today’s dynamic markets.

Procera’s Policy and Charging Control solution is built to address these heightened requirements, providing: 

  • Powerful service innovation for better offers and new business model creation 
  • An extensive list of proven use cases that turn zero-rating, multi-network privileges, IoT security, and other policies into offerings that are uniquely yours
  • Unparalleled subscriber visibility for opportunity identification
  • Comprehensive interoperability with broad 3GPP standard and multivendor support


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