Network Analytics and Reporting

Insights for improving subscriber quality of experience

Are you getting the network intelligence that you need?

The communications industry is rapidly evolving, and operators are facing new business challenges. Operators are now needing to look more broadly at their businesses and more deeply at the factors that drive success. They need insight that allows them to think more strategically, prioritize better, and make smarter business decisions.

Operators worldwide are ramping up their efforts to mine their digital data sources for business insight and advantage. This intelligence is more critical than ever as operators refine their strategies, operations, and investment decisions to capitalize on industry transformation and shifting market demands.

Procera's solutions provide rich insight into network and subscriber experience. Our PacketLogic intelligence engines provide critical information and, when coupled with our analytical tools or with Big Data systems, provide insight across networks, services, customer behavior, and even the larger telecom enterprise.

Procera's powerful IT Analytics solutions are used by operators worldwide to optimize their networks, improve subscriber quality of experience, and identify new opportunities. These operators can then:

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