NAVL Specifications

Product Description OEM Deep Packet Inspection Engine providing application classification and metadata extraction
Supported Operating Systems Linux, Windows, Free BSD, Cavium Simple Executive
Supported CPU Architectures x86 32bit, x86 64bit, Cavium Octeon, Octeon II, Octeon III, ARM, PowerPC, TILE Gx
Platform Partners Cavium, LSI, Netronome, Intel, Napatech, Endace, Tilera, Adax, Freescale
Application Coverage For a full list, visit AppLabs (
Application/Protocol Updates Updates released weekly
Performance 40+Gbps1
Memory Footprint 5MB base plus 1MB per thread, plus 1KB per flow
Custom Signature Definition API Yes
Metadata Extraction Yes

1 - as tested on 2X Intel Xeon 5690 with 10 cores, 12 threads, average packet size of 350 bytes