Procera enables mobile service providers to implement tiered data service plans with market-proven intelligent policy enforcement solutions.

Mobile Tiered Data Service Plans

As rich media applications place increasing pressures on mobile bandwidth consumption, mobile operators often struggle to maintain consistent quality of service (QoS). Yet not all subscribers have the same bandwidth and QoS needs. A tiered service plan approach allows “power users” to purchase the bandwidth they need, while offering lower activity users plans to match their needs. This enables mobile operators to better manage network resources, while enhancing subscriber satisfaction and generating incremental revenue from “premium” tier users.

How can mobile operators implement tiered data service plans in their networks? They need solutions that enable them to:

  • Differentiate among different classes of users—delivering a higher level of service to power users, while ensuring cost-effective service for lower bandwidth users
  • Implement tiered charging to generate incremental revenue
  • More effectively manage network traffic with existing network infrastructure

The Procera Solution

Procera enables mobile operators to realize their tiered data service plan strategies with real-time Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions that provide three key use cases:

  • Awareness of all network users and their network behavior. Our IPE solution provides the subscriber, device and application awareness essential for implementing multiple service tiers.
  • Enforcement of individual subscriber bandwidth guarantees. Our IPE solution applies user-aware policies to allocate bandwidth intelligently. Traffic is managed in differentiated tier “buckets” and managed, charged and rated based on each subscriber’s service level.
  • Monetization through tiered service plans that offer subscribers real value. Service providers can now offer plans that meet personalized uses—such as a “social networking” plan, “streaming media” plan or low cost “email only” plan.

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