Procera enables mobile service providers to identify and monetize over-the-top (OTT) VoIP services using market-proven intelligent policy enforcement solutions.

Mobile VoIP

With the growing popularity of mobile VoIP clients such as Skype and Viber, mobile service providers are seeing a new threat to their ongoing voice revenue and profitability. But rather than blocking “over-the-top” (OTT) VoIP traffic, savvy mobile operators are viewing it as a potential tool for reducing subscriber churn, while generating incremental revenue.

How can mobile operators support and encourage mobile VoIP use, without eroding their profitability? They need solutions that enable them to:

  • Accurately identify VoIP traffic in their networks, allowing them to create services targeted at VoIP applications
  • Ensure VoIP traffic receives the QoS required to minimize high latency
  • Prevent unauthorized VoIP activity that violates a subscriber’s terms of service or acceptable use guidelines

The Procera Solution

Procera enables mobile operators to realize their VoIP strategies with real-time Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions that provide three key use cases:

  • Awareness of activity in the mobile service network to detect OTT VoIP behavior. Our IPE solution enables session-based awareness of subscribers, applications, service plans, devices, and more—identifying subscribers with VoIP privileges and ensuring they receive the QoS required.
  • Blocking unauthorized VoIP activity to protect acceptable use policies. Leveraging Procera’s industry-leading DRDL (Datastream Recognition Definition Language) technology, our IPE solution enforces VoIP policies, redirecting subscribers to a portal where they can upgrade to VoIP access, helping reduce churn.
  • Monetization of VoIP access through flexible service plans that offer subscriber value. Our IPE solution enables mobile operators to offer a variety of personalized subscriber options, such as offering a 100MB allowance devoted exclusively to VoIP calls as part of an existing plan.

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