Although this is not the weightiest of topics, I collected some fun data last week. Procera had our 2013 sales kickoff, and we had one of our very popular PacketLogic systems monitoring our Internet Access (as well as prioritizing traffic for a few important demonstrations).

As you might expect with a room full of geeks and salespeople, the application, website, and device mix was interesting. Since most of Procera uses Apple laptops, the results are not terribly surprising, but the interesting statistic that jumps out is how many Android phones were connected to WiFi (that would be all the roamers from overseas) versus iPhones. (The Windows systems MUST have been sales people….!)


The web traffic at the site was quite varied, with almost 1500 unique sites visited on the network and a number of countries represented (although surprisingly few considering the number of countries attending the meeting).


In terms of site popularity, Facebook was the most popular site visited (especially people uploading photos of the conference while it was going on). And our new Canadian team members flexed their muscles a bit, making a hockey site ( one of the most popular at the conference.


We were also testing the ContentLogic product at the meeting, and the results mirrored the web results quite nicely. This is just a taste of what is to come, as we have big plans for what we are going to offer with this product, and it is not just your standard content database!


Not so surprisingly with a team of engineers, much of the application traffic was VPN traffic (The most common usage was VPN traffic into customer networks to monitor systems or to give customer demonstrations). FLICKA is the Procera protocol for our Real-Time Monitoring Application (LiveView). There were over 100 different applications used during the conference, and although they did not make the top 10, there were a lot of OTT VOIP/Video applications – including Skype, Viber, Line, Spotify, Pandora, and plenty of streaming video.


There are a lot of interesting events coming over the next few months (like the Superbowl), and we will be kicking AIM back into high gear over this time. Stay Tuned!

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