Our solutions are used by network operators and networking vendors worldwide to add new levels of intelligence into their networks. We deliver solution targeted at enhancing the user experience on broadband networks – whether they are fixed, mobile, Wi-Fi, satellite, or any other access technology that may be used anywhere in the world. To us, everything we do it focused on the subscriber experience – because we are all broadband users too.

Advanced Traffic Steering

Create targeted services for hosted subscribers with minimal investment in services infrastructure.

Customer Care

Give subscribers real-time insight into their mobile broadband usage and services

DMCA and HEOA Compliance

Maintain compliance with advanced auditing, and management capabilities for detecting violations.

Enterprise Solutions

True Layer 7 DPI engine for application visibility

Intelligent Charging

Offer hosting plans that can be targeted by hosted application type or content.

Internet Intelligence Insights

Understand how different devices and plans consume mobile broadband

Location Awareness

Gain access to real-time RAN location and quality metrics

Multi-Device Plans

Simplify billing for subscribers with a single usage plan that can be shared across multiple devices or accounts.

Network Quality Assurance

Ensure a high quality of experience for subscribers even during peak usage times.

Over the Top Services

Gain insights on which Over the Top services are popular and being consumed by your subscribers

Parental Control

Protect children from inappropriate content and limit access to applications or content during certain times of the day.

Peering Management

Detailed analysis on what Content Delivery Networks are being used and how they are performing for your subscribers

Real-Time Problem Resolution

Gain real-time visibility into subscriber problems and usage to ensure rapid problem resolution.

Revenue Assurance

Ensure that revenue leakage does not occur for high value services and subscribers

Subscriber Usage Management

Understand how different devices and plans consume mobile broadband

Telecom Solutions

Application visibility from an industry leading DPI engine

Tethering Services

Quantify how many subscribers are tethering and how it changes their usage patterns.

Threat Detection and Mitigation

Understand the impact that threats are having on the network and real-time forensics on the source and type of traffic being used as attack vectors

Tiered Service Plans

Offer simple service plans designed for all levels of broadband speeds and usage without configuration complexity

Video Analytics Solutions

Deliver a scorecard for your subscribers’ video QoE