Our solutions provide network operators with the tools they need to gain unparalleled insights into their network traffic. We enable them to take action to differentiate their service offerings and compete in rapidly changing industries. By providing them with the information required to make informed decisions, we help operators improve quality of experience on a per subscriber basis.

Subscriber Experience Solutions

Procera offers solutions to improve subscriber experience. These solutions help you understand how different devices and plans consume bandwidth and enable you to provide high quality of experience event during peak usage times.

Embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Products

NAVL is a next-generation embedded DPI engine that provides real-time, Layer-7 classification of network traffic. NAVL provides your solutions with granular information about network traffic in real-time, ensuring timely and accurate network information.

NFV Solutions

Procera's virtualized PacketLogicTM/V platform enables flexible deployments of the PacketLogicTM software suite using industry-standard COTS hardware and software virtual environments, without compromising on the performance or features of the traditional appliance-based solutions.