PacketLogic Software

The PacketLogic software is the foundation of Procera’s Internet Intelligence solutions. PacketLogic’s unique capability to both provide Insights as well as to take Action sets it apart from other solutions designed to enhance a subscriber’s Quality of Experience. These solutions are modular, designed to enable unique use cases to be deployed to solve specific problems that network operators are having on their networks.

The Subscriber Management solutions enable PacketLogic to gain visibility into a wide variety of subscribe attributes that enable an operator to deliver a better Quality of Experience for that user. Attributes like device, location, and service plan can be used for calculating the real-time experience

The PacketLogic Intelligence Center is the storage solution for all of the intelligence gathered by the PacketLogic products. The data from the PacketLogic Intelligence Center can be displayed in the PacketLogic Client or using Report Studio, streamed or uploaded to external Big Data systems, or visualized in the Internet Intelligence Center.

Broadband subscribers are demanding a high Quality of Experience (QoE) from their broadband networks. Can yours deliver?

Consumers rely on fixed and mobile broadband networks. Quality problems on those networks result in dissatisfaction, customer support calls, and subscriber churn. An intelligent network can ensure that high-value applications and real-time traffic meets the subscriber’s quality expectations without requiring unlimited bandwidth.

Procera’s PacketLogic Network Quality Assurance software enables broadband network operators to choose the right congestion management solution to meet the changing needs of their network and of their subscribers.

Procera’s unique visibility of subscriber, application, content, device, location, and Quality of Experience (QoE) enable congestion management solutions that deliver on each subscriber’s QoE expectations.

Procera’s ContentLogic software enables clearly defined categorization of Internet traffic, enabling sophisticated policy enforcement based on specific content types or even specific URLs.

ContentLogic provides the content intelligence needed to meet regulatory requirements, minimize the risk posed by malware, phishing or abuse—or to create next-generation subscriber services. Using Procera’s Datastream Recognition Definition Language (DRDL TM), ContentLogic identifies Internet traffic according to well-defined categories and user-defined lists to match any requirement. This enables the full range of Procera policy actions to be applied to specific traffic flows in real time. Whether replacing an existing content management solution or deploying a new revenue service, ContentLogic fits the bill.

Advanced Traffic Steering is Procera’s solution for subscriber, application, and content-aware service creation. ATS enables an operator to surgically redirect traffic to value-added service offerings that can benefit from a reduction in the amount of bandwidth and traffic that must be sent through their systems. Optimization, caching, niche analytics, or protocol-specific services are good examples of opportunities for an operator to dramatically reduce their capital expenditures as well as operational complexity with PacketLogic solutions.