Procera enables mobile service providers to perform sophisticated business model and network analytics using market-proven intelligent policy enforcement solutions.

Mobile Business Model and Network Analytics

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive mobile services marketplace, mobile operators must offer their subscribers a superior quality of experience (QoE). This includes both reliable, consistent quality of service (QoS) and innovative mobile services that meet subscribers’ evolving needs. To achieve this competitive advantage, network operations professionals need more granular insight into their network activity.

How can mobile operators gain a clearer understanding of their networks and subscriber behavior? They need solutions that enable them to:

  • View network activity not just in aggregate but down to the application, device, location, and subscriber level
  • Analyze consumption of network resources by subscriber, device, application, location, and other metrics that impact business planning
  • Monitor both real-time network activity and historical trends

The Procera Solution

Procera enables mobile operators to transform their business model and network analytics with real-time Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions that provide three key use cases:

  • Awareness of mobile network activity down to a granular level. Our IPE solution enables session-based awareness of subscribers, applications, service plans, devices, and more.
  • Real-time analytics to monitor all awareness properties. Procera’s Live View dashboard provides network operators with an instant snapshot of network traffic and consumption of network resources by specific subscriber attributes.
  • Historical analysis of network activity and consumption trends over time. This information improves network operators’ ability to plan for future infrastructure needs. And it provides mobile service marketing teams with invaluable insight into subscriber activity, driving development of new, differentiated services and plans. PacketLogic Intelligence Center data can be combined with other data inputs to deliver a comprehensive view of network behavior.

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