Procera enables educational institutions to deliver multi-device service plans that apply data quota to students rather than individual devices owned by that user.

Multi-Device Service Plans

With the rising popularity of internet-ready tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles, it is commonplace for students to use multiple devices in the course of their day while on campus. Yet not all devices or students consume the same amount of network bandwidth. In order to ensure fair usage, device quotas can be enforced by degrading or blocking service for a given student device. This approach, however, is somewhat limited and does not carefully consider usage across devices. This can frustrate students who simply want access to their fair share of network utility regardless of which device they happen to be using at a given time.

How can network administrators enable students to aggregate their data quota across multiple devices? They need solutions that enable them to:

  • Deliver multi-device service plans that aggregate bandwidth quotas allocated to the multiple devices a user owns
  • Notify students when bandwidth quotas are approached or reached
  • Enable usage management among the different devices sharing the data plan
  • Potentially gain revenue from power users by charging for higher bandwidth plans with offers to purchase additional quota

The Procera Solution

Procera enables educational institutions to realize Multi-Device Service Plan strategies with real-time Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions that provide three key use cases:

  • Awareness of all students, their network usage and the devices they’re using. When multiple devices are active simultaneously, Procera’s IPE solution enforces a volume limit that is the sum of the data plans for the individual devices—even if the devices are connected through different locations.
  • Notification to students when they reach data quota limits. Users are linked to a captive portal that allows them to “top up” their bandwidth allocation and resume activity immediately, minimizing disruption. This increases student satisfaction, while maximizing revenue.
  • Control of the applications and bandwidth that can be used by each device. Our IPE solution even extends the concept of “smart limits,” giving administrators the ability to manage the bandwidth, content and applications used by students.

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