PacketLogic Dynamic LiveView enables network operators, cloud providers, and high-speed enterprises to gain customized real-time insights into network behavior. Dynamic LiveView extends the current PacketLogic Intelligence Center functionality by allowing customized queries to be created for real-time monitoring, dashboards, and network forensics that mix and match subscriber identities, content categorization, device types, network conditions, location, traffic management status, routing and peering attributes, and applications for real-time view of the network traffic. Dynamic LiveView is also available via APIs to enable more efficient dashboards and big data reports targeting specific datasets that are of interest to the network administrators, engineering, operations, and customer service teams.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time query engine for PacketLogic Client
  • Leverages sophisticated network intelligence from PRE and PSM
  • Builds off existing LiveView hierarchy of Hosts, Service Objects, Services, and Categories and adds server hostname, priority, tunnels, VLANs, ports, and many other attributes that can be used to construct the custom views
  • Enables sophisticated real-time forensics for Quality of Experience, Network Congestion, and Security network issues
  • Can be queried in APIs for targeted dashboards