As most of you know, Procera has a large engineering team in Sweden, and the recent launch of Netflix there has been greeted with some enthusiasm. I discovered a very interesting fact when I went to Sweden last week – if you have a US-based account, when in Sweden it will allow you to view content streamed from Netflix. The titles that you are presented with will be the content that Netflix has licensed in that territory, as shown here.

As I was enjoying optionally subtitled movies (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian options if I recall correctly) on my iPad over the hotel Wi-Fi, I decided to take a look and see if Netflix is being used on the mobile networks in Sweden. There are some pretty hefty sized volume plans available in Sweden (I have seen ones as high as 80GB per month), which is plenty of data room for video streaming. Sure enough, there is quite a bit of Netflix on the mobile networks, but it is still just getting started. The graph below shows the differnet device types and a comparison of the volume of Netflix used per device:

Mobile Broadband dongles lead the way (as they do on most networks worldwide), but the iPhone and iPad have a very solid presence on the list, as does a Samsung and HTC handset. As a percentage of total traffic, Netflix is still small (and smaller than file sharing in Scandinavia), but it will be interesting to see how this grows over time. I have always been an believer that finding a way to make your content available on-line is the best way to prevent or minimize piracy, and we will continue to watch as Netflix expands and how that affects the rate of file sharing in different countries.