Some more interesting data to share on European mobile traffic and North America fixed line networks and usage (ironic since I am actually in Europe this week!). I will have an update covering the lessons learned from the Olympics later this week.


1. For a European mobile network, a survey during the Olympics (but not focused on Olympics traffic specifically) on different handset types usage over the second week of the Olympics revealed that for handsets, Apple users consume more total volume than any other handset, with Samsung users being very close behind (Figure 1). For tablets, the iPad (new) followed by the iPad 2 and the original iPad had the most usage per device. For mobile broadband dongles, Huawei modems used far more per device than any other type, with 6 of the top 10 broadband modem models being Huawei (Figure 2).


2 & 3. As a follow-up on Netflix, we are finding that there are regional as well as size variances with the peak Netflix consumption. An East Coast site (Figure 3) showed a significant drop in Netflix peak rates (the totals show are the peak rates for each day). However, a West Coast site (Figure 4) showed very little variance in Netflix during the entire Olympics run. The interesting fact about both sites is that the total video consumed across all sites does not increase at all, with all types of video (Netflix, YouTube, HTTP Media Streaming) remaining proportional across all sites. It also follows that the less bandwidth and subscribers that exist on a network, the more susceptible it is for dramatic changes in video streaming. With around 5% of broadband subscribers on most cable and DSL networks taking advantage of Netflix on a weekly basis (average across the Procera footprint), a small number of subscribers partaking in other forms of entertainment (as we saw on the first Sunday of the Olympics) can have a significant impact on the total consumption.


3. There have been some really good other studies done on the impact of the Olympics. Some recommended ones are:

BBC Study for how the Olympics has been viewed on their site:

Google Analytics on searches for Olympics:


Figure 1: Mobile Brand Usage

Figure 2: Mobile Broadband Devices Usage

Figure 3: Netflix Streaming on East Coast Network during Olympics

Figure 4: Netflix Streaming on West Coast Network during Olympics